Chinese Dragon

This is the illustration I designed for the Lenovo  wallpaper competition. In China, the dragon symbolises nobility, honour and a symbol of luck and success. I want every user to feel the positive power of the dragon when they turn on their computer.

Stylish Woman

This is a poster I designed for a Women's Day e-commerce campaign. The theme of the poster is "Sophisticated Women's Life". Through research, I found that the city with the highest purchasing power for women in China is Shanghai, and the sophisticated and elegant dressing style of Shanghai women is also impressive. Therefore, I designed an image of a confident, beautiful and independent woman based on a Shanghai woman, combined with modern women's hairstyles and matching styles, in order to gain the approval of female users.

Sweet Life

This is an illustration competition that I entered. The theme is "Sweet Life". It reminded me of the details of my daily life with my boyfriend. So I recalled bits and pieces of our everyday life and used these as a theme to create. Visual style I tried a new approach to express the content of the picture through large flat colours, and then added richness with supporting graphics and lines.

The People I Adored

In 2018, several masters I admire passed away, which made me feel sad and upset. Looking at the lives of these masters and the works they created, I found them all to be people who loved life and were full of charm. I wanted to honour them in a light-hearted way, so I chose a classic image photograph of each of them as a prototype, using vibrant colours and black line strokes to highlight the fullness of each person.

Seaside Cafe

This is one of the projects under the Regional Revitalisation Programme. The project is located in my hometown of Humen, Dongguan. This place has a famous event in its history, so it is also a famous tourist and sightseeing area. However, due to long years of disrepair and lack of maintenance, the area is discouraged by the piles of rubbish. So I took advantage of the location and designed a café that connects the indoor and outdoor areas. In this café, visitors can rest, sightsee and interact. I hope that this building will activate the area.

Da Han

This is my app splash screen for the traditional Chinese festival of the Great Cold. The Great Cold is the coldest day of the year in China. It reminds me of the coldest village I have ever visited in China - Snow Country in Harbin, so I remembered how Snow Country makes me feel. I painted the snowy white snowy mountains. The cold river and finally, to add vibrancy to the picture, I painted a little girl building a snowman. The red on the girl's clothes contrasts strongly with the blue on the screen.

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